Hello world,
I'm Michel PARPAILLON, a Front-end Engineer based in Paris.

I enjoy coding and creating nice UI/UX for my clients.
I love learning new things and using my knowledges to create cool stuff.

On my spare time,

  • I learn Game design and Digital painting (well I try to at least...)
  • I play pen-and-paper roleplaying games and video games
  • I do bloc climbing and yoga
  • Also I make cool juices :)

I won't list all the technologies I work with since it always evolves. Just know that it's probably about HTML/CSS/Javascript and all that I can do with it (Websites, Mobile apps, Desktop native apps, IoT, etc). I've work with several frameworks and I'm probably learning a new one at the time you're reading this. I'm a developer, I learn what I need to learn to achieve my goals in the best possible way.

I still don't know what I'll do on this website. Probably talk about code and share my experiments.

Feel free to contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn, Hopwork or wherever you can find me on the web.

Happy coding !